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The padlock icon to the left is used to lock the slots on the action bar into place.The maximum amount of people that can be added to your friends list is 200.

Presets: Click here to set up bank presets, which allow instant withdrawal of a preset inventory, equipment, Beast of Burden, or any combination of the three.There are no limits as to the amount of wealth that can be traded from one account to another (one exception to this is new accounts that have never had membership are limited to how much wealth they can give away), so be aware that people may want to scam you.

The first thing you should notice are the icons on the interface.To get the bank interface bank, click the Equipment Stats button again.There are some skills in “RuneScape” that make players wish they had a bigger backpack. Your backpack is the term used for your standard inventory space.Items Needed/Recommended: Wicked Hood A Light Source 20x Free Inventory Slots Armor/Food/Weapons Runescape - Wanted! Quest Guide ~~~~~ M.Beside your minimap, you will find a globe icon, which looks like this.To open up a shop window you will need to talk with the shop keeper or shop assistant.You can also make private chat text appear outside of the chat box by going into the Options tab, clicking on Chat Setup (the two speech balloons), then selecting the Private tab.F10 opens the QuickChat menu and the Context menu for QuickChat.Mid: Medium settings including lighting detail, shadows, fog, and flickering effects.

New Tab: When you drag an item onto this icon, a new tab will be created, and the first item in that tab will be represented at the top of the respective tab.These Town Criers inform players about all the Rules of Runescape, as well as information on player moderators: most importantly, what they can or cannot do for other players.To revert this back, you can press escape or click on the public chat tab.The private chat button toggles how you filter the people who can private message you.The XP Counter interface keeps track of experience gained in individual skills or overall, displaying up to three counters you can customize and reset as you please.If you see someone breaking one of these rules, you ought to report them to Jagex.As shown in the picture above, there is two views for shops, either icons and the item name or just the icons.

If you are on a server that allows lootshare (check the world select screen) and are the owner of the channel, click the moneybag in the Friends Chat menu.When you hover over the icon of a skill, you will be able to see your current experience, and how much experience you need to get to the next level of the skill, or your total experience when hovering over your total level.A borrowed item always protects over everything else upon death.

The Equipments Stats button, which is marked blue in the above image, will open your Equipment Bonuses, which will allow you to wear and remove items, see what they look like on your character, and see the stat bonuses they provide.There are buttons at the bottom to join the queue or a random group as well.The maximum amount of people that can be added to your ignore list is 100.There are many shops in RuneScape, and they deal with a lot of different items.As the level decreases, the colour level in the related circle will get lower.The team has been equipped with new tools to filter out false votes and de-list cheating RuneScape private servers. When RuneLocus was. with ad slots,.

If you choose to have two (default setting), you will have a left click option, and a right click menu.Talking to the Doomsayer in Lumbridge will allow you to toggle warning options.People that are in your chat and meet the required rank, assigned in the options menu, will be able to share the loot of monsters in a multi combat area.You can also load a presest from a list of presaved ones specified by Jagex if you like.

These are not to make the game harder, or to annoy anyone, they are to protect you.This is especially useful when you have an effigy but do not meet the requirements for it.-Start RuneScape in low detail. -Click on: Get Coords.-Press F3 when your cursor is located in the center of the most upper left item slot in your inventory.In the Powers tab you will find a wide range of abilities, classified by type, along with prayer and combat settings.Friends: Only clan chat messages from people on your friends list will be displayed.

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Sometimes the game automatically moves your camera when you walk near cliffs and mountains.Underneath the description and rewards are options which include an option to teleport you to the closest lodestone: This button sets that minigame as your active task, and teleports you to the lodestone closest to that minigame.

Although most of Runescape are quite safe to stay in for indefinite periods of time, there are areas that will damage you (eventually knocking you out if you stay around long enough) if you do not have the appropriate equipment that will help you survive.Below is an example of what a friends list looks like with the player names censored out.Once you get there, you must first go through a brief tutorial.Below are complimentary search engines that will search a database on Tip.It (Bestiary or Items) so that you can see just how much information Tip.It has. (All search results will appear in a new window.).Play the best MMORPG RuneScape for free. Join the millions of others already exploring the fantasy game world of Gielinor.Alternately, you can right click the World Map Icon and a tooltip menu will appear, allowing you to clear your marker without having to load the in-game world map.You can also change how people see your online status (either to Everybody, Friends, or Nobody).

They are able to temporarily mute players who are being particularly foul-mouthed, and their abuse reports receive additional priority.The third option is to recruit a friend to play RuneScape with you, giving both players bonus experience if they subscribe within one month of creating their account.